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When you open a new personal bank account at The Savings Bank, you can manage your money, your way. Select from our personal banking choices like our Free Kasasa checking, a Kasasa Saver, and loan & mortgage options, then monitor your accounts online, on your phone, or in person at a branch.

You can keep your personal bank account just as unique as you are.


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All of our checking accounts are free and some even pay you in cash or a higher interest rate. All are guaranteed to make you smile.


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Our Savings Accounts do just that, they’re designed to help you save. With an easy sweep feature that transfers your cash back earnings from our Free Kasasa Cash Back account and ATM fee reimbursements, right into your Savings Account.


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We’ve got Mortgage loans for everyone, from Construction loans, to First Time Homebuyers, to Military Loans. Our Mortgage Specialists can help with any situation.


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When life throws those unexpected events your way, we have you covered with our personal loan products.

Online & Mobile Banking

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Manage all of your accounts the easy and convenient way with Online & Mobile Banking. Your bank at your fingertips.