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Commercial Lending

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The TSB Commercial Lending Team is committed to putting their extensive background in business lending to work for you. When you couple smart loan products and services with a community bank staffed with local lenders, you have the tools to help you achieve your long term business goals.

TSB Commercial Loan Services include:

Paycheck Protection Program

Lines of Credit

  • Establish a cash reserve based on your needs and resources and enjoy peace of mind knowing cash is available when you need it
  • Manage the seasonality of your cash flows

Equipment Financing

  • Construction equipment, manufacturing machinery, or anything in between
  • Computers, furniture, fixtures and vehicles
  • Flexible Payment terms to work within your budget

Commercial Mortgages & Construction Financing

  • Investment Property
  • New or existing buildings and facilities
  • Renovation projects

TSB Business Credit 

  • Revolving line of credit linked to your primary checking account
  • Approval for any amount between $2,500 – $10,000
  • Write checks up to your available line of credit
  • enjoy the flexibility of managing your cash flow

SBA 7A, Low Doc & 504 Loans

  • Designed for start-ups, mergers and acquisitions
  • Partially guaranteed by SBA
  • Flexible 504 program loans for real estate and equipment
  • Long term fixed rates available
  • Streamlined approval process

Small Business Banking Partnership Loans*

The Small Business Banking Partnership was created to help banks expand their small business loan programs. 

  • Up to $10 million in state funds available for small business loans
  • Designed to help businesses expand
  • Lines of Credit
  • TSB Business Credit Lines

* As of 12/31/19 TSB has originated 39 loans totaling $3,624,334 through this program. Contact Pete Johnston for more information about this program.