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Board of Directors | Executive Committee | Asset/Liability Management Committee | Audit Committee | Compensation Committee | CRA/Fair Lending Committee | Governance Committee

Above all, the leadership team at The Savings Bank continues to focus on providing the best financial products and services available, as well as assisting our customers in reaching their financial goals.

Robert J. DiBella

President & CEO

Raichelle L. Kallery

Executive Vice President
Senior Retail Banking Officer

Denise Carbone

Senior Vice President
Chief Financial Officer & Treasurer

Kathleen M. Conary, CRCM & CAMS

Senior Vice President
Compliance & Audit

Jeff P. D'Alessandro

Senior Vice President
Senior Retail Lending Officer

Peter W. Johnston

Senior Vice President
Senior Commercial Banking Officer

Maria F. Melo

Senior Vice President
Systems Manager

Patricia A. O'Brien

Senior Vice President
Human Resources