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Fraudulent Emails

3.27.20 Fraudulent emails have resurfaced during these uncertain times. Please do not respond to these emails. Visit the FTC for more information regarding these types of scams. 

4.16.19 UPDATE: Another fraudulent email has surfaced using the name of Peter (Pete) Johnston SVP, Senior Commercial Banking Officer. Again please do not reply to these emails.

It has come to our attention that a fraudulent email has been circulating both within the United States and Internationally, attempting to entice unsuspecting individuals to provide personal and confidential information, including bank account information, in exchange for a sum of money.  The email has been fraudulently sent under the name of Robert DiBella, President and CEO of The Savings Bank and includes a phone number that is answered by someone posing as R. DiBella. 

These emails have NOT been sent from The Savings Bank. Please DO NOT RESPOND to the emails.