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Business Schedule of Fees

Effective as of January 2017
Download the Business Schedule of Fees


Per Item Fee

In excess of 150 transactions per month
(Transactions include checks paid, ACH debits,
ATM withdrawals, Debit Card/POS
Debits and deposited items.)


Cash Deposit Handling Fee

Less than $7,500$0.00
For every $100 over $7,500$0.15

Premier Business Checking

Earnings Credit is applied based on average collected balance and may offset fees
Account maintenance fee$10.00
Per check paid$0.20
Per deposit$0.75
Per deposited item$0.09

Other Checking Account Fees

Night deposit key replacement$7.50
Wire transfer in - Domestic$11.00
Wire transfer out - Domestic$24.00
Wire transfer in - Foreign$20.00
Wire transfer out - Foreign$45.00
Return deposit item$10.00
Additional cash management services available, fees provided upon request

Business Money Market Account

Minimum daily balance required to open the account$2,500.00
Monthly Service Fee - Accounts that do not meeting the daily balance requirement$10.00
Transactions posted in excess of six per month - per item$10.00

Limitations by regulation on specific transaction activity may apply.

The Savings Bank reserves the right to change fees from time to time upon advance notice to our customers. This notification may be enclosed with your statement, mailed directly to you, or given verbally prior to purchase or use of a service.